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We Drive More Highly-Targeted Customers from Online to Your Website


Increase Exposure

Dominate Google with 1st page rankings, or generate leads from Facebook to your website, and your business is sure to get the exposure and visibility it deserves.

Grow Customer Base

Our online services drive more customers to your business. Not only will you receive more traffic but targeted ones within your area who are ready to buy your services or products.

Increase Revenue

With our strategic implementation through SEO or Facebook Ads…your ROI will increase accordingly to your traffic growth.


Welcome to Innovation Mind. We are a digital marketing agency and we help consult businesses, local or national, with our online marketing services which currently include SEO (Search Engine Optimization),

Nowadays, more than over half the population search on the internet before making a purchase. People are constantly using their phones and electronic devices to read and research on a business before purchasing their services or products. Many small businesses have an online presence, however, the majority of them do NOT have their online presence set right to capture their hungry customers.

At Innovation Mind, we understand people’s buying behavior on the internet and know how to get them from searching on the internet to showing up at your front doors with this powerful 3 step system.


Step 1 – Show up Where Customers are Looking

Studies have shown that over 70-80% of people will research a company on the web before making a purchase decision, usually by visiting its website. Even having a one page website can establish credibility. It shows that the business is actually real and has taken the time to put out a presentation. – Biz Report

In other words, 7-8 out of 10 people are looking online for your services or products and this number is only increasing as technology and the internet grows.

You might be wondering where these people look online. It’s simple. On the biggest platforms. Google, Facebook, Yelp, Youtube, etc.

Now, ask yourself this, “Is my business showing up first when people search on these platforms?”. If you’re reading this then probably not. The good news is Innovation Mind can help you show up in front of these customers that are looking for you.


Step 2 – Turning your Website Visitors into New Customers

Having tons of visitors on your website is great, but the issue now is turning those visitors into buyers. This area is where most businesses overlook, because they think that once visitors check out their website then people automatically buy. The truth is that “yes” some people do buy, but you’ll also be losing a lot of potential customers if you don’t optimize your website to convert at its best. Optimizing your website to place specific elements in certain areas is the difference between a visitor submitting you their information or leaving your website. We help optimize your website to turn these website visitors into leads into paying customers.

Website Visitor – someone who landed on your website.

Lead – someone who submitted their information (name, phone, address) to your business.

Customer – someone who purchased your service or product.


Step 3 – Tracking the Results

We track results to see how well our campaigns are doing and if we can optimize anything to do even better. Our clients have access to tracking reports and analytics depending which services they need from us. The numbers tell it all.

Take action today and choose to partner with us. We can provide a free video analysis of your website or business on how it is currently doing online.



Invest your hard earned dollars into your business. We think forward. In this matter we strive to help create an “asset” business, and not  an “expense” business. Our service is affordable enough to where you can make a couple of sales, breakeven, and profit handsomely.


Our services are made to be a solution for your online marketing success. One of our goals is to build a long-term relationship with our clients, and we do this by working hard to gather new customers to our client’s business while sustaining the results for years to come.


Don’t stay in the shadow. See the progression to your online success. Our clients receive a daily keyword tracking report to track their rankings or insights to analytic tools depending on which services they choose with us. We also keep our clients aware of newsworthy updates that may have an effect on their online business.


What’s special about my company? We stay on top of our industry because we belong to a couple of mastermind groups. We discuss on ideas or strategies that work best and stay away from those that don’t. Our year round education allow us to help benefit your business from that knowledge firsthand and get an edge over the competition.



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